Old Glory


Sierra Snatch

Amongst all the beauty back in the Eastern Sierras this blossoming beauty stood out to my keen snatch hunting eye. So inviting. Come on in. Stay for a while.

Words cannot describe how I feel about this…

Snatch scouter and art enthusiast Rebecca sent this snatch in a while ago. I’m not going to deny that I wasn’t being lazy, however I needed some time to really take this picture all in.

Look at the careful work to define the labia minora and majora. I love the leafy greens inserted inside of the vagina itself. And the clever little anus on the bottom is just the icing on the cake. This picture holds a place dear in my heart. I cannot thank you enough, Rebecca, for sending this one in. It truly is a work of art.


Sandy Snatch

I guess its too late to tell her not to get sand in her crotch.


Grandmother I’d Like To… errr… Climb and Admire? Check out Grandmother Rock in Thailand. Thanks, Far!

Grandmother Rock

Turn the volume down while viewing the glory of Grandmother enjoying some Summer’s Eve. Keep it clean, lady!

Cold-Hearted Snake Hiding Place

This frigid bitch is still open for business.

Ice Vag

Orange you glad you met me?

Really, you look good enough to eat.

Kudos to snatch hunter Gene for this submission.